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Fallon Houser

Fallon H. - Owner, OLK9 Montgomery & Birmingham, AL

Fallon has always believed in “walking what you talk,” and leading by example. That passion is what led her to start the only Doberman Pinscher rescue in the state of Tennessee, Tennessee Doberman Rescue Plus (www.TDR.dog), and attaining her MBA degree while running a rescue, working full time, and having a child. She is a firm believer in education, whether it be for dogs or people, and loves doing what she can to help dogs and dog owners better their relationships and bonds through training and communication. An animal lover from the time she was too young to toddle, Fallon spent her childhood bringing home strays, working with them, and competing on horseback in 3-Day Eventing, before later deciding to turn her attention towards animal welfare and rescue. In the time that Fallon has been Founder and President of TDR+, she has personally been involved in the rescue of thousands of dogs (and still counting), and has grown the organization from a fledgling group of fosters – to a 501(c)3 rescue with volunteers and fosters throughout the southeast. Having personally treated and worked with dogs of all imaginable health and behavioral backgrounds (as not only a rescuer, but also a former veterinary technician), Fallon is excited to bring her K9 rehabilitative knowledge, nutrition and health expertise, and compassionate training approach to OLK9 dogs and clients!

Fallon is an AKC Evaluator, TPU Evaluator, and member of the DPCA, DPCN, UDC, AKC, and UKC

Leslie C. - Professional Dog Trainer

Leslie grew up in New Orleans, LA, getting her first dogs at the age of two. Since that moment, she has been in love with dogs. She has had everything from a German Shepherd/Irish Setter mix to a Black Chow (love of her life). With that passion, she decided to pursue a degree from Tuskegee University in Animal and Poultry Sciences. While there, she also received degrees (Bachelors and Masters) in Food and Nutritional Sciences and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. She has volunteered with numerous humane shelters and veterinary clinics, fostered countless animals, and worked at several veterinary hospitals and pet stores. Her passion in life is finding dogs forever homes and working with people to (1) choose the right pet for their home and lifestyle, (2) increase dog owners’ knowledge to optimize expectations, and (3) work through challenges that may disrupt the happy life of both dog and owner.  When Leslie isn’t training, she spends her time paying bid whist (a card game for those that don’t know) and spending time with her dogs (Lyon and Harvey) and parakeets (Apollo and Sunni).


Cameron B. - Professional Dog Trainer

From a very young age, Cameron knew that he wanted to improve the lives of dogs and their owners. He took every opportunity possible to further his knowledge of K9 behavior to do just that. For the last 4 to 6 years, Cameron has worked as a volunteer at the Birmingham Public Library as an Animal Educator and Caretaker, as well as the Greater Birmingham Humane Society assisting in adoptions, routine care, exercise, and first aid!

Cameron believes SO much in furthering his own skills and education with dogs and other animals, that he started an undergraduate degree in pre-veterinary studies towards a career as an Animal Behaviorist! However, knowing that a position with Off Leash is a career and not a job, Cameron joined us full-time and completed a rigorous certification process to finally bring Montgomery and Birmingham the best training available, 100% guaranteed!


Nikki S. - Professional Dog Trainer

A rescuer at heart, Nikki Strain began volunteering for Rhodesian Rigdeback Rescue, Inc in 2014 when she adopted her first Ridgeback. She was quickly named the Rescue Coordinator for the State of Tennessee until she moved back to Alabama in 2017, and now holds the same position for them in her home state. Very passionate about animals at a very young age, Nikki grew up with dogs, cats, horses, cattle and goats, and in her early teens studied everything I could about dogs and horses – starting to get hands on with teaching dog obedience in 1994.

After spending time working as a Vet Tech, Nikki finished her Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences from Auburn University, and went into the zoological field. From 2003-2009 she worked at the Birmingham Zoo caring for and training giraffe, zebra, bison, camel years, sea lions, and big and small cats.  She even trained a sea lion to accept a new holding/shifting area, voluntary dental x-rays, blood draw, and flipper x-rays! She then moved to the Memphis Zoo from 2011-2016 where  she worked with gorilla, orangutan, bonobos, and several species of monkeys, elephants, bongo, and giraffe.  She was the primary trainer for the Orangutan collection and trained voluntary blood draw, ultrasound, laser pointer retrieve exorcises, maternal care, voluntary hand injection, and even acted as the lead trainer in reintroducing an orangutan infant that was born via cesarean section back to its mother successfully. 

Although working with zoo animals will always have a special place in her heart, Nikki loves dogs first and foremost, so she jumped at the chance to join OLK9 in 2018 so she could have a direct impact on helping dogs and people directly. She specializes in problem solving, reactivity issues, and scent work, but her very favorite cases are the ones where she is able to make the difference between having a dog stay with the family that loves them or being re-homed (or worse). Nikki is proof positive of the phrase – once a rescuer, always a rescuer!

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